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Art Law

Art law includes all facets of the law dealing with the acquisition, ownership, or sale of and disputes deriving from works of art and cultural property.

Our Art Law practice area services include: art provenance and corporate due diligence, art closings, theft recovery actions, forgery actions, insurance claims, intellectual property issues and disputes, issues arising from art collections onboard yachts and jets, estate planning matters for collectors, museum acquisitions/transfers/disputes, legal issues relating to art auctions, and legal issues relating to digital art.

The Art Law practice area at Moore & Co. has education and experience in the arts and in the law, and provides world-class legal services relating to all aspects of the international art market.

The attorneys at Moore & Co. are admitted to practice in Washington D.C., Florida, New York and Louisiana and take on both litigation and transactional cases in the areas of Art Law, Aviation Law, and Maritime Law. If you have questions about a law suit you are involved with or about any of our practice areas please contact Moore & Co.