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Maritime & Admiralty Law

Maritime & Admiralty law relates to commerce and navigation on the high seas and on other navigable waters. Specifically, the term refers to the body of customs, legislation, international treaties, and court decisions pertaining to ownership and operation of vessels, transportation of passengers and cargo on them, and rights and obligations of their crews while in transit.

Admiralty and maritime law includes the substantive law and procedural rules associated with the legal maritime law of the United States, admiralty jurisdiction and procedure; personal injury and wrongful death of seamen and passengers aboard vessels; compensation for injury and wrongful death of longshoremen and harbor workers; and government regulation of marine safety and the maritime industry.

The law also includes carriage of goods, charter parties, salvage, general average, collision, marine insurance, maritime liens, limitation of liability, marine pollution and environmental law, maritime arbitration, recreational vessels, vessel finance and documentation, international aspects of maritime practice, and other related areas of law.

At Moore & Co., our lawyers practice in the areas of litigation and transactional law and are licensed to practice in Florida, Louisiana, Washington D.C., and New York. Whether your case pertains to international maritime treaties, admiralty jurisdiction, maritime arbitration or any other areas of maritime and admiralty law mentioned above, our staff can assist you in the full range of your maritime and admiralty law-related needs. Contact Moore & Co. online with maritime and admiralty law questions or call 786.221.0600.