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Maritime, Art & Aviation Law

The lawyers of Moore & Co. have more than 50 years of combined experience specializing in the areas of maritime law, art law, and aviation law. With that extensive knowledge, our law firm in Miami (Coral Gables), Florida services clients throughout the world in these three highly specialized industries. If you are not familiar with these industries, let us walk you through them below.

Maritime & Admiralty Law
Maritime and Admiralty law relates to commerce and navigation on the high seas as well as on other navigable waters, including both substantive law and procedural rules associated with the legal maritime law of the United States. At Moore & Co, we handle both litigation and transactional matters related to yachts and other vessels.

Aviation Law
Aviation law includes al facets of the law dealing with the ownership, operation, maintenance and use of aircraft, airports and airspace.

Art Law
Art law includes all facets of the law dealing with the acquisition, ownership or sale of, and disputes deriving from, works of art and cultural property. Our Art law practice services range from legal issues relating to digital are to insurance claims.” including seamen personal injury claims, salvage claims, maritime liens, warranty claims, Additionally, we handle transactional matters related to the ownership and operation of yachts and other vessels, including construction, purchase and sale, ownership structures and flagging, as well as financing.

Contact us for more information on our services by calling our Coral Gables law office at (786) 221-0600. You can also read the professional profiles of our highly qualified attorneys to find out their backgrounds or find out more about Moore & Co.. Our attorneys are admitted to practice in Florida, Louisiana, New York, and Washington D.C. in the areas of litigation and transactional law and take on both local and international cases. Here at Moore & Co., our staff and lawyers are prepared to assist you in the full range of your maritime, aviation, and art law needs.

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